Pressure Multi-cooker yang paling banyak orang miliki di Korea.
Belilah sekarang untuk kesihatan ahli keluarga anda.

8 Feature IH Pressure Multi Cooker yang berguna!

6 teknologi canggih Cuckoo IH Pressure Multi-Cooker



08/22/2017 6:13am

They just need the rice cooker to do it all. In this way, the space that was once for broilers, enormous stoves and pots are currently decreased. Henceforth, there is less mess in the kitchen, which makes cooking all the more simple and smooth.

09/30/2017 3:02am

This looks like a good appliance to buy. It has a good features and specifications. This would definitely fit in my house. I would like to know how much this is. I hope it is not that expensive. It would be a great thing if I had a multi-cooker in my house. Having one would totally simplify my labor for cooking food. I hope you would feature more appliances here. I would definitely be interested in them.


While Mom's original cooker gave us awesome Sunday snacks inevitably, for the most part, there were less highlights and less wellbeing measures in the one-weight setting of the old-style cooker we utilized.


These multi cooker devices are so handy! I have such thing at home too!


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